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Isthmus Eats started in 2018 by Madisonians who love to cook and eat great food! But with busy lives, we had little time to find recipes, grocery shop, cook, and figure out what to do with leftover ingredients which oftentimes went to waste. We found ourselves eating out more often than we wanted, or cooking the same ingredients over and over again. So we decided to join in on the meal kit craze so that we, along with our community here in Dane County can simply spend time on the basics - cooking and eating great home-cooked meals (while supporting local farms and businesses along the way)!

Now, our team of 28 Madison-based employees curates, sources, packages, and delivers our meal kits to over 1,200 Isthmus Eats meal kit subscribers. Our meal kits are locally-inspired, locally-sourced, and hand-delivered straight to your home, work, or one of our convenient pick-up locations.
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We offer FREE Weekly Deliveries on Mondays to the following Zip Codes:
53527 on Tuesdays (Cottage Grove) 53528 on Tuesdays (Cross Plains) 53529 on Tuesdays (Dane) 53532 on Tuesdays (Deforest) 53558 on Tuesdays (McFarland) 53559 on Tuesdays (Marshall) 53562 on Mondays (Middleton) 53572 on Tuesdays (Mt Horeb) 53575 on Mondays (Oregon) 53589 on Tuesdays (Stoughton) 53590 on Tuesdays (Sun Prairie) 53593 on Tuesdays (Verona) 53597 on Tuesdays (Waunakee) 53598 on Tuesdays (Windsor) 53703 on Mondays (Downtown) 53704 on Tuesdays (East/Northeast Side) 53705 on Mondays (Westside/University West) 53706 on Mondays (UW Campus) 53711 on Mondays (Fitchburg/SW Madison) 53713 on Mondays (Southside) 53714 on Tuesdays (Eastside) 53715 on Mondays (Monona Bay) 53716 on Tuesdays (Monona) 53717 on Mondays (Westside/Middleton) 53718 on Tuesdays (Far Eastside) 53719 on Mondays (Westside/Fitchburg) 53726 on Mondays (Regent Neighborhood) 53911 on Mondays (Arlington, WI)
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If you are outside the delivery area and are interested in our meal kits, please reach out and we will try to accommodate you. Never hesitate to contact us if you ever have any questions, comments, or suggestions. We hope you give us a try and enjoy our Isthmus Eats meal kits!

We are a proud partner of Kindness Bank who helps facilitate donations of our surplus food and meal kits to needy families across Southern Wisconsin.

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