Get Cooking, Madison! with Dane County's farm-to-home meal kits
by Sunny Frantz

How It Works

Image of variety of plans and recipes to demostrate the first step in how it works.
1. Choose the plan that's right for you and the meals you like from our ever-changing weekly menu.
Image of a delivered meal kit and ingredients to demostrate the second step in how it works.
2. Receive fresh, local ingredients at your doorstep with easy-to-follow cooking instructions.
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3. Enjoy all there is to love about preparing home-cooked meals (with a Wisconsin flair)!

Why Isthmus Eats?

Fresh and Local
We believe knowing and trusting your food is important, so we partner directly with Dane County farms to provide you the freshest possible ingredients for your meals whenever possible. We are also a proud member of Dane Buy Local .
Less Waste
We hand deliver our meal kits in insulated tote bags that we collect on your subsequent delivery and reuse - so there is no excess boxes or packaging! Also, by receiving the exact pre-measured ingredients you need, you will exercize portion control to avoid overeating as well as eliminate food waste, making this option better for your health, the environment, and your wallet.
Save Time & Money
With Isthmus Eats meal kits, you no longer have to spend your valuable time looking for recipes, going grocery shopping, and figuring out what to do with leftover ingredients. Simply spend your time cooking and enjoying home-cooked meals. Don't believe us? Check out these meal kit industry cost breakdown analyses:
Meal Kits Might Be Cheaper Than Groceries Right Now
Meal Kits vs. Groceries: A Dollar-to-Dollar Investigation
Signing up is quick and easy! There are no contracts. You can skip any week or cancel at any time. Just choose the meal plan that works for you and select the recipes that interest you each week.
Speaking of easy, most recipes take 30-45 minutes to prepare and cook, and come with simple-to-follow recipe cards, as well as mobile-friendly guides. We even offer fully prepared 'Heat & Eat' meals for an even EASIER dinner option!
Our meal kits are locally-sourced, locally-inspired, and hand delivered to Dane County residents only. Delivery is always free and reliable. We even send a convenient delivery confirmation cell message right away upon delivery!
We offer all sorts of meals – vegetarian or meat, healthy or hearty, spicy or mild… whatever your mood is for any given week.
By choosing from our diverse seasonal recipes, you are likely to prepare meals that you have never prepared before, which allows you to try new ingredients, learn new cooking techniques, and add new recipes to your repertoire.
Exclusive Access to our Marketplace
We offer our customers local products from Madison-area artisans to be conveniently included in your weekly meal kit deliveries. We are constantly adding new local products. Check out what's available today!
Have a 6-18 month little one? Then our Baby Eats may be for you! Our Baby Eats add on kits are designed for parents of children aged 6-18 months who are interested in the baby led weaning concept. This method enables your child to feed themselves the same foods you prepare for yourself, and allows you to skip the spoon-feeding of homemade purees or commercial baby food. Baby led weaning was originally coined by Gill Rapley, PhD, who pioneered this method in the U.K.

Baby Eats is an add on option to your regular dinner meal kits. It provides you an extra portion of food and special instructions for how to prepare it for your little one. This will make mealtimes fun and easy for the whole family as you eat together and expose your child to a variety of fresh foods, using the same ingredients you’re cooking and eating yourselves. No more preparing a separate meal or dealing with ice cube trays, purees, or food processors! To take advantage of this add on, simply select the 'Baby Eats Add On' variation option in the dropdown menu during your weekly meal selection (available for certain recipes only). A small surcharge may apply. Have Questions? Contact Us!

What Our Customers Say

I love that the food is locally sourced and I also really appreciate the effort to produce less waste. With each delivery, the courier will pick up last week’s bag, ice packs and containers so that they can be reused... Finally, the price is reasonable, which is important in a time where people are struggling to afford groceries. Thank you Isthmus Eats, and keep up the great work!
Catherine M, Downtown Madison
March 14 2023
So excited to try the meals that got delivered today with local fresh products! The packaging was minimal so I feel good there wasn’t a ton of waste. And look at the adorable binder that came with colored pictures and easy to follow directions for busy nights.
Kelly S, Fitchburg
August 15 2022
We started using Isthmus Eats early in the pandemic, but we keep ordering from them because they're an awesome company! There is so much variety of meals, we're supporting local producers, the ingredients are fresh, we're learning how to cook new dishes all the time, and the service is outstanding. There's no way to go wrong with Isthmus Eats.
- Sandy S, Waunakee
July 31 2022
We have been ordering from Isthmus Eats for a few years now! We have found some of our favorite recipes because of it! We love how easy the website is to use, and how they incorporate local ingredients whenever possible! We also have loved the Baby Eats addition to the meal kits! We enjoy feeding our son the same meal we are eating.
Lauren S, West Side
June 29 2022
Isthmus Eats is by far and away the best meal service I have ever had. The meals are delivered on time every week with all the items being local. Inside each weekly bag is a list of the items and where they come from. Proud to have this quality in Madison!
Kathy D, Oregon
September 20 2021
Meals are delicious and kid-approved in my house! Love that they deliver to Stoughton and will take back the ice packs (I hate throwing them away when I’ve made other meal kits in the past!). Bonus for being cheaper than other meal kits I’ve tried, and they’re local!
Maria W, Stoughton
April 21 2021
I have fallen in love with this meal service. I was getting bored of cooking the same old thing every week since we've been doing way more cooking at home. it has taught me new techniques paired with delicious LOCAL ingredients. I love knowing that what I'm eating is supporting local farms and companies and boy is it delicious!
- Steve W, Downtown Madison
October 20 2020
My husband and I have been doing Isthmus Eats for about 6 weeks. We love this service! I have a gluten allergy and they have modified every single meal. We tried two other meal services in the past and they don't even compare. I highly recommend Isthmus Eats!
Chelsea, Spring Harbor Neighborhood
July 07 2020
We have tried several meal kit delivery services before and Isthmus Eats is our favorite by far! We love the idea of supporting local and the meals are delicious! Their customer service is outstanding and the flexibility of options makes it so easy to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences. Bonus points for their Marketplace option where you can add goodies from other local businesses to your delivery. We feel so fortunate to have Isthmus Eats in our Madison community.
- Jennifer R, Cottage Grove
May 24 2020
I've tried other similar services, but none have really stuck with me like Isthmus Eats. The fact that they use local ingredients is a huge plus to me and I've been blown away by how simple yet delicious the recipes are. Can't wait for my next delivery 😄
Lexie W, West Side
April 04 2020
I am so grateful to have Isthmus Eats in my city!The convenience was a big draw for me, and the locally-sourced ingredients are a huge plus, but it's the quality of the recipes and the fun I have preparing them that keeps me coming back! The staff are also very friendly and responsive. I filled out a customer satisfaction survey and got an email replying to each comment I made!
Beth B, Madison
April 02 2020
I think Isthmus Eats just may be the Holy Grail of meal kits. I'm so impressed with:
Food quality: local, fresh and robust flavors
Minimal effort: a little washing and a little chopping is all it takes to go fridge to plate in precious little time
Variety: you get to choose from a great selection of different cuisines, flavors, spice levels
Flexibility: press pause for those busy weeks or for travel then jump right back in
Generous portions: much larger than the multitude of other kits which is great since these have been such hits in our family
- Laura P, Fitchburg
March 13 2020
I am in love! Besides the fact that their food's from local farms whenever possible, this is hands-down the best meal kit meal I've prepared to date. I'm enjoying the Turkey "Egg Roll" Bowl as we speak ❤ Bonus: Return the bag and ice pack for reuse and the packaging for recycling! Total win Isthmus Eats!
Jennifer H, Middleton
January 07 2020
We've tried all the major meal kit options in the past two years, and are thrilled to finally find Isthmus Eats - a local treasure!!!! The customer service is excellent - these folks are personable, efficient and courteous. The food is DELICIOUS, with the added bonus of being locally sourced! Menus are varied, portions are generous, recipes are easy to follow, and the results look just like the photo! ...we're saying goodbye to Hello Fresh, and a happy hello to fresh and fantastic, just down the road.
- Ann H, Cottage Grove
January 06 2020
It’s our first week with Isthmus Eats and we couldn’t be more thrilled. The meals have been perfectly proportioned and delicious, and the whole process is both easy and customizable. Honestly, I was skeptical about trying a meal kit service, because I’m a great cook on my own...but something about having the whole kit delivered and ready to go makes the process so much simpler. (I also tend to accidentally cook for 8 when I mean to cook for 2 so the meal kits help with that ☺️). It’s WELL worth the price for us, especially because we reduce our grocery budget by the amount we spend on Isthmus Eats each week. Highly recommend!
Kristen W, Oregon
December 05 2019
I highly recommend Isthmus Eats. It's my first week in and it couldn't be more convenient. Their delivery locations are very versatile whether it's to your door or to your work place. Food prep times are reasonable even for those with long work days. The portions for the Badger Lite package are enough for 2 and a bit of left overs. Their products/food is all locally sourced. Support your community and try out Isthmus Eats!
Victoria B, Near West Side
November 04 2019
We have been using Isthmus Eats for a few months now and we love them. There hasn’t been one recipe we haven’t loved so far. I would highly recommend!
Bretni A, Sun Prairie
October 30 2019
Very nice meal service! Less wasted packaging than blue apron and slightly easier meals. The local beef, pork, and chicken are all top notch. Gnocchi and short rib Bolognese have been great as well as good Indian dishes.
Graham H, Near East Side
September 19 2019
I love Isthmus Eats! Basically it is a locally sourced hello fresh. They are affordable and have free delivery even to me in Oregon, WI! Each week they have many diverse options that all sound delicious, it's hard to pick only 3. I share it with a friend of mine so we each get 1 meal alone and have an excuse to get together and cook once a week. Highly recommend this service!!!
Erin S, Oregon
July 25 2019
I've been using Isthmus Eats for about 9 months now and I love it! I came across Isthmus eats and found it was actually the cheapest of all the options I could find, and it was local! It's nice to know that the food is local and where it actually comes from since Isthmus Eats actually provides a little report on that with each delivery. One of the best parts I think is that they are the most sustainable of the meal kit companies I've seen. Since they're local, they use minimal packaging, and even offer to pick up the packaging when they deliver the next week's meals to reuse.
Joshua N, Middleton
June 21 2019
As a meal kit fanatic, I can honestly say that Isthmus Eats holds its own against the national competitors— but with an edge: local food! Cheese from Mineral Point? Yes please. Ground beef from Madison? Yup! Fresh RP Pasta? Sure thing.
Rachel R, Sun Prairie
March 17 2019
Just completed my first Isthmus Eats meal (spiced red lentils). The process couldn’t have been easier - the instructions were easy to follow, the ingredients were easy to prep and dinner was great.
Rusty S, Downtown Madison
February 11 2019
We have been getting Isthmus Eats for four months now... We like the broad range of recipes, from salads to spanakopita to shakshuka. It's also great to know that the local focus means there is less packaging going into the delivery. But honestly I think what stands out most about Isthmus Eats is their customer service. You just won't find that kind of personal attention to detail with a bigger company! Five stars * * * * *
Sara W, Downtown Madison
January 22 2019
My experience with Isthmus Eats has been top notch so far and I am officially looking forward to Mondays from now on! ...Using the service could not be easier, super simple interface to order from and the recipe cards are AWESOME with basic steps and pictures. Sitting down to dinner my girlfriend and I are just talking about how good the food is and how easy it was to make. I just love having a service that is personal, cares about its customers, and I can feel good about the local produce and supporting the community. Oh yeah they also have stickers on all the ingredients saying where in WI they are from!
Drew H, West Side
December 11 2018
We have been very pleased with our meals through Isthmus Eats, the attention to customer service, and the extra mile they go to bring a quality product and service to people who want to eat healthy and still enjoy cooking!... I could not recommend this service enough.
Mike G, Verona
May 16 2018
We are thrilled to have a 94.3% customer re-order rate!
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Prep Time: 55 mins
Calories: 745
Carbs: 69g
Fat: 25g
Protein: 40g
Sodium: 790mg
Note: This recipe requires a food processor!
This is a premium meal and costs an additional $4.00
Contains Beef
Contains Gluten
Contains Dairy
Mild Spice
Customer Favorite!
4.4 of 5 stars

Street Steak Tacos
with Roasted Poblanos and Lime Crema
Open Recipe Card
Contains Beef
Note: This recipe requires a food processor!

More Info


Prep Time: 30 mins
Calories: 640
Carbs: 79g
Fat: 22g
Protein: 17g
Sodium: 1235mg
Contains Gluten
Contains Dairy
Contains Eggs
Contains Soy
Contains Sesame
Mild Spice
Customer Favorite!
4.4 of 5 stars

Korean Bibimbap
with Zucchini, Carrots, and Mushrooms
Open Recipe Card

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Prep Time: 35 mins
Calories: 735
Carbs: 60g
Fat: 28g
Protein: 55g
Sodium: 320mg
Contains Beef
Gluten Free
Contains Dairy
Mild Spice
Dietitian Approved
Customer Favorite!
4.3 of 5 stars
Dietitian Juli says that quinoa is a good source of plant-based protein and fiber.

Beef Gyro Bowl
with Quinoa and Homemade Tzatziki
Open Recipe Card
Contains Beef

More Info


Prep Time: 45 mins
Calories: 660
Carbs: 59g
Fat: 36g
Protein: 25g
Sodium: 1885mg
Note: This recipe requires a food processor!
Gluten Free
Contains Soy
Contains Peanuts
Very Spicy!
Customer Favorite!
4.5 of 5 stars

Tofu Basil Lettuce Cups
with Thai Chiles, Peanuts, & Vermicelli Noodles
Open Recipe Card
Note: This recipe requires a food processor!

More Info


Prep Time: 40 mins
Calories: 535
Carbs: 35g
Fat: 24g
Protein: 55g
Sodium: 400mg
Contains Chicken
Contains Gluten
Contains Dairy
Low Carb
Dietitian Approved
Customer Favorite!
4.3 of 5 stars
Dietitian Juli says, "Cauliflower is rich in the antioxidant Anthoxanthin."

Chicken Piccata
with Wisconsin Cheesy Cauliflower
Open Recipe Card
Contains Chicken
Heat & Eat

More Info


Prep Time: 2 mins
Calories: 860
Carbs: 80g
Fat: 49g
Protein: 25g
Sodium: 460mg
Contains Gluten
Contains Dairy
Contains Tree Nuts
Heat & Eat

Pasta Primavera
in a Light Cream Sauce
Open Recipe Card


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